First company at 15, Scherzinger Holding GmbH at 16, and Member of the Forbes Council at the age of 17.
Featured on Forbes, Business Insider & more.
Patrick Scherzinger
Ambition is priceless.
"I am extremely proud to be the youngest member of the Forbes Business Council and furthermore excited to connect with successful entrepreneurs and leaders from all around the world."
About Patrick.
Patrick Scherzinger started learning about economic topics at the age of 13. At that time, he started investing his pocket money in ETFs to build a sustainable, long-term portfolio. At the age of 15, he gained full legal capacity after months of court proceedings in Germany. He was among the youngest in Germany to reach such a milestone. At only 16 years old, he graduated high school with a european baccalaureate. After the great success of his first company, which dealt with marketing for other companies and manufacturing e-scooters, e-bikes & their accessories, he wanted to start more ventures and participate in others. Therefore, in the second instance, he founded Scherzinger Holding GmbH at the age of only 16. Shortly after, at the age of 17, he was nominated as the youngest member of the exclusive Forbes Council. Currently Patrick is pursuing his Bachelor in Business Administration at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.
"This minor runs his own group of companies - His first job at 13, his first company at 15 and several limited liability companies at 17: Patrick Scherzinger is involved in business from his room. What drives him?" ~ manager magazin (DE)
"Patrick Scherzinger, Frankfurt School Bachelor in Business Administration (BSc) student in his second semester, has been accepted into the Forbes Business Council. At the age of 17, he is the youngest member. The community consists of founders, CEOs and executive directors. They are selected on the basis of their experience in leadership, management, customer engagement, technology and growth." ~ Frankfurt School
"We sincerely congratulate Patrick on his success and would love to have him join us on campus one day, as we are sure many of our students have similar goals to Patrick and would love to receive further insight." ~ Harvard
"Patrick Scherzinger is a story unlike any other. Being just 17 years old, he was accepted into the Forbes Business Council. We congratulate Patrick and wish him all the best for his future!" ~ Stanford
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